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Syncing Files From Old to New cPanel Server

Working with multiple servers (mostly cPanel) is one of my daily tasks. And we should try a smart way to do that.

The Case

I must sync a single website (which was added to a cPanel account) to a new dedicated cPanel account on another cPanel server.



Doing it in the smart way

I found a DNS zone is a great way to start, because when running wget (download) command via terminal, it will take a look for DNS resolver to see which IP belongs to a domain.

Change a DNS record of a domain to old IP address

It’s a small tip, but it could save your day!

Go to WHM (root), navigate to “Edit DNS Zone” menu, find your wanted domain and update “A” record to your old server ip.

For example, it should be:

A - - <old_server_ip>

Download time

Quite easy, navigate back to your cPanel account’s home folder and start download a compress file.

cd /home/<username>/public_html/

It returns a great result with 13s download. It quite fast comparing with your tradition way: download a file and upload it back.

[root@sv2 wp-content]# wget
--2019-10-10 05:08:46--
Connecting to ||:80... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: 919117754 (877M) [application/x-bzip]
Saving to: ‘uploads.tar.bz2’
100%[======================================>] 919,117,754 67.3MB/s   in 13s

Change DNS back to your domain

If you already had your own file, remember to set DNS back for A record.

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